Baby Smartphone Toys: All You Need to Know

Let’s start with a question you’re probably wondering in 2019: Should parents buy a smartphone for babies? The answer is more complex than one might think, and we give our honest opinion here:

Why Parents Should Not Buy a Baby Smartphone Cell Phone Toy:

There are two opposing camps right now when it comes to babies and technology. One says you should keep tech and gadgets away from your babies and toddlers, so that they can experience the world in unbridled fashion, with no distractions, and develop motor skills in more traditional methods, in the outdoors, and away from hi-tech. Baby smartphones falls outside of this spectrum.

Why Parents Should Buy a Baby Smartphone Toy:

However, in the year 2017, technology is everywhere, and many parents want to start their kids young. That’s why we started this baby laptop website! In addition to computers, smartphones are a technological device that may be prudent for kids to start young on. Obviously, these are just smartphone toys, but if you read each baby smartphone toy review carefully (below), you will see that many of these smartphone toys are legitimate learning devices which may help your baby adapt to screens at a younger age.

Why Do Babies Love toy Cell Phones & Smartphones?

Ever notice how when you whip out your smartphone in front of your baby, the baby reaches and grabs, and is literally entranced by your phone? For whatever reason, babies LOVE smartphones. Because it is a lit screen, compact, holdable, and has buttons, babies love these things.

What is the Ideal Age for a Baby Smartphone?

This depends on the toy phone that you purchase. There are baby phones available for babies starting at just 3 months, and other smartphones for babies up to 3 years. And it goes without saying that some of these smartphone toys are fine for babies and even kids as a learning toy possibly through age 4 and even 5. Just one hint: don’t send your kid to nursery with his smartphone toy – we can’t imagine the teacher will appreciate that!

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Best Baby Smartphone Toy Reviews:

While smartphones are usually reserved for adults, there is no reason why your toddler can’t have his or her own baby toy smartphone toy! Granted, the processing power on these smartphone toys for babies aren’t exactly out of this world, but it will help your kid get acclimated to tech, and would be a great accessory to go along with their baby laptop!

DeXop SmartPhone Toy With Music And Touching for Baby

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It is now time to introduce your kid to the world of gadgets in a healthy way, with baby smartphones!

Now, your kids need not be given an actual smartphone for the smartphone-experience, which many parents probably fear.

Without further ado, here is the Dexop baby smartphone toy with music and touch screen, which resembles a real smartphone.

Dexop smartphone toy unique features:

  • With a touch screen, the DeXop smartphone for babies can play various kinds of music, and make sounds too. This will enhance and improve your kid’s ability to distinguish between different sounds.
  • The most important feature is that DeXop can imitate the mother’s voice, from the baby’s fetal stage. This voice will have a soothing effect on the crying baby, and is more impressive than any real smartphone when it comes to mimicking a mom’s voice!
  • This toy also has few engaging baby games which are sure to improve your toddler’s cognitive skills, thinking abilities, and concentration.

Basic Information for the Dexop Smartphone:

    • DeXop runs on batteries- 2*AAA
    • DeXop ideally suits babies and kids between the ages 6 months to 3 years.
    • The middle button at the bottom is to switch on your kid’s baby smartphone.
    • Apps loaded on the phone – Stop Crying App, Animal Fun App, FUN App, Music App
    • The same middle button is supposed to be pressed, in order switch off the baby smartphone. Do remember, to take off the batteries out, when not in use.

DeXop Smart Phone Toy With Music And Touching for Baby on Amazon!


VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

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A baby smartphone is an ideal toy to keep your baby engaged for long hours.

To be fair, this wouldn’t just be hours of wasted time with your baby; rather it is educational as well: with two different modes on the phone, your kid can both learn things and enjoy the music.

Has your kid started to say its first words yet? VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone is the best toy for the early infancy stage, which will help any baby with their vocabulary skills.


  • VTech is a two sliding phone with learning and fun modes.
  • VTech has 12 interesting apps including a pretend clock, weather, and calendar.
  • Different apps will keep your kids engaged with role-play phrases, which will eventually improve their hand-eye co-ordination.
  • For a toy, to keep your kid engaged, it must have a wide range of colors; and, nothing can be more colorful than the VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone. Your baby will never leave this toy, once you buy this for it.
  • Fun sounds and songs? Again, these are the favorites to kids. Your kids are sure to love the alphabets and numbers learning session, in the fun mode with around 15 melodies and sing-along songs.
  • Lastly, VTech toy smartphone is highly affordable.

Basic Information for the vtech baby phone

  • VTech needs 2*AAA batteries
  • Ideally, suits for the kids whose age ranges between – 6 months to 3 years.
  • This baby smartphone has a classic home button through which kids can save the residential number and pretend to call the family members.
  • Batteries are to be removed when not in use, for the longevity of the toy and the batteries.

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VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

Want to make your kids smartphone-savvy? No, you don’t need to give an actual smartphone to them, as this can do, more harm than the good.

Here is the VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone that helps your small kids understand the usage of smartphones in the safest way…

This is one of the most user-friendly toys that has a lot of engaging features, at a reasonable price.

Unique features-

  • VTech Call and Chat learning Phone has 15 realistic and unique app buttons, which includes music, clock, photo gallery, and various games; well, this is almost like kid’s version of Apple.
  • The learning apps in this baby smart phone will help your kids with the Pre-K basics, with alluring games, and other applications; no kid can hate learning with a VTech phone, in its hands.
  • The unique phone-book feature will allow your kids to store up to five contacts, to which the phone-calling can be pretended.
  • Busy with your own work? A cute parrot on VTech pretends screen, can keep your kid busy through the voice activation feature.

Basic information-

  • VTech runs on 2*AAA batteries.
  • This baby smartphone suits best for the kids whose age ranges between 2 years to 5 years.
  • The toy operates in English language.
  • Batteries are to be removed when not in use, for the longevity of the toy and the batteries.

VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone, White

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Finding the cheapest baby smartphone toy is easy, but, finding the best toy that is cheap, is a little difficult. But, we found you one!

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smartphone, is the baby smartphone toy that has got the coolest look; the first point to mention, and then, it is cost-effective, too. With more than 20 songs, and educative bits such as numbers, greetings, counting apps this phone has got, your toddler will be learning a lot, before even he/she attends his/her nursery-classes.

Unique features-

– Fisher-Price isn’t too loud, meaning, it won’t be parentally annoying. With moderate volume, your kids can go all day long with this toy, without any problem to their ears.

– Fisher-Price has 12 app buttons, and when each button pressed, your kids get to hear pleasing songs.

– Fisher-Price comes with a slider button, which can be moved back and forth for additional songs and fun sounds.

– Fisher-Price is also an excellent Math teacher and etiquette teacher; it helps your kids with the numbers and different greetings.

– The lights in the phone, also dance along with the music, which is sure to make your kids dance and have fun too.

Basic Information-

  • – Fisher-Price is ideal for the kids whose age ranges between 6 months to 5 years.
  • – 2*AAA LRO3 batteries to be used.
  • – Fisher-Price operates in English Language.
  • – Do remember, to take off the batteries out, when not in use.


Kidz Delight Tech Too, Tech Set Trio

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Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio is sure to make your kids’ play-time delightful, with some of the coolest looking gadgets. The best part about these toys is that these look like the actual gadgets, and not like toys. With a combo of three powerful devices – phone, T.V.remote and keys, you need not worry about your kids getting bored easily.

Unique features-

– Coming to the baby smartphone, it has got unique touch sensitive icons, each with a unique sound, speech, and song. And, the light flashes, every time there is a sound. The phone has softer sounds, which means, there will be no harm for your kids’ ears.

– Your kids can not only learn numbers in English, but Spanish and French. The remote toy has this unique tri-lingual feature. And, it is not just learning, with the remote; it has got four different game modes, which play fun sounds when chosen.

– The colorful keys are the best, as these have a very cute appearance. This toy will help your kids learn about different colors, and also entertain your kids with different sounds and fun phrases.

When the car button is pressed, the special key pops-up, mimicking the original car keys.

Basic Information-

– Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio runs on 4 AAA and 3AG13 batteries.

– This toy ideally suits for the kids who age is 18 months and above.

– All the toys of Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio, are made out of plastic, and thus, are highly durable.

– Batteries are to be removed when not in use, for the longevity of the toy and the batteries.

LeapFrog Chat And Count Smart Phone, Violet

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Who hates a small, cute and violet Smartphone toy?

With more than 15 phone activities, this phone is sure to become a favorite toy for your kids, in no time. LeapFrog smartphone is not mere an entertainment, as it has got some educational stuff to offer too.

Unique features –

– When the 10 number buttons are pressed, the animated Violet counts them, with a funny tone; kids will always enjoy learning, when there is some fun introduced.

– Your kid will get to interact with the puppy pal “Violet”, with whom voicemails and phone calls can be exchanged; this toy will keep your kid engaged, for long hours.

– The music button has a good number of sing-along songs, like songs on counting, phone manners etc.

– As said earlier, this toy will help your kid with the phone manners; conversational skills like saying hello, nice to talk to you, good-bye and other basic gestures will be taught by LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone.

– Moderate volume, makes the toy safe for your kid’s ears and less annoying to your ears.

Basic Information –

– Leap Frog suits best to the kids whose age ranges between 18 months to 4 years.

– LeapFrog baby kids smartphone runs on 3*AAA batteries


IQ Toys YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone USB Rechargeable

What’s the best gift for your kid? Well, it is the baby smartphone toy, that actually looks and works like a real smartphone, with which, your kid will stay away from your phone.

The best part about IQ Toys YPhone is that is realistic and highly affordable.

Unique Features-

– IQ Toys YPhone is visually stimulating, meaning, there will be lights on the edges, whenever the buttons are pressed.

– With a good number of unique applications, this toy is sure to keep your kid busy, for long hours, while you can get going with your work, without any worries.

– The pretend conversations will largely help your kid improves its communication and imagination skills.

-YPhone is lightweight, and fits rightly to the hands of your kid, meaning, your kid will be very much comfortable with this toy.

– The responsive touch screen is another unique feature that makes your kid think that, its baby phone is no less than yours.

 Basic Information –

  • – YPhone comes with a USB rechargeable cable.
  • – This toy suits best for the kids whose age ranges between 2-5 years.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin’ Smart Phone, Black

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Learning can be now made easy and fun with Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smilin’ Smartphone for babies. Want to train your baby for telephonic conversations? Then buy a Fisher-Price Smartphone today.

Unique Features-

– Learning is made light and easy with this cool baby smartphone toy that is loaded with realistic sounds, fun phrases, loads of educative bits, and around 10 learning songs.

– Nine, easy-to-press buttons, when pressed will entertain and enlighten your baby with words, sounds, and greetings.

– Help your baby learn the alphabets, colors, numbers, shapes, etc., in the most entertaining way by buying it a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin’ Smart Phone.

– Fisher-Price Smartphone is sure to give your kid an added advantage of an early start on conversational skills and imagination abilities.

– Lights appear when you press every button, which will be visually stimulating for your kid.

Basic Information-

– Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin’ Smartphone runs on 3 AAA batteries. Batteries are to be removed, when not in use.

– This toy ideally suits for the kids whose age ranges between 13 months to 5 years.


Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Smart Phone

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Kidz Delight is here with a delightful smartphone toy, which will keep your kids engaged for long hours, with intriguing apps.

Unique features-

– Kidz Delight Smartphone is one of the must toys if you are planning to get your kid into early learning. Let your kids know about different animals, colors, and finally, learn numbers with Kidz Delight.

– All the games in this toy smartphone are said to improve the memory skills, hand-eye co-ordination, and lastly thinking-ability.

– The high-tech and realistic design is another unique feature about this toy.

– Kidz Delight Smartphone has got 16 touch sensitive icons, which makes this toy elegantly work like a real smart phone.

– This toy has also got a call-back feature.

– Kidz Delight is to delight your kid for a long time, meaning, this toy is more durable and affordable too.

Basic Information-

– Kidz Delight Smartphone toy for toddlers works on 2 AAA batteries.

– Ideal for the kids whose age is 18 months and above.

– This toy operates in dual languages.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Remote and Smilin’ Smartphone Bundle

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Remote and Smilin’ smartphone bundle will make your bundle of joy, very happy, as these are interactive, colorful, realistic and loaded with some really cool applications that will help you kid learn a lot of new things.

Unique Features-

– The learning sessions of your kid will be loaded with a lot of fun and laugh, with Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Remote and Smilin’ smartphone. This baby phone toyteaches a few basic elements like colors, shapes, numbers, opposites, and alphabets.

– And the entertainment section is no less. All the fun sounds, phrases and sing-along songs this toy has got, will make this, your kid’s favorite toy.

– Lot many buttons to press! This surely improves your baby’s fine motor skills, as well as the hand-eye co-ordination.

– Both the phone and remote together have more than 25 songs, tunes, phrases, which will keep your kid busy for log hours.

Basic information –

– Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Remote and Smilin’ Smartphone run on 2AAA and 3AAA batteries respectively.

– Fisher-Price remote and baby smartphone toys are ideal for the kids whose age range between 6 months to 3 years.


VTech Slide and Talk Kids & Baby Smart Phone Toy

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Well, now this baby smartphone is really smart. Want to introduce your kids to alphabets, numbers, phone manners, typing, all at once, without much burden for your kids?? VTech Slide and Talk Kids Smartphone Toy is the best thing, you can think of.

Unique features-

– The most special feature of this toy is that it has two keypads: numerical keypad and alphabetical keypad.

– This VTech Smartphone toy has got an animated LCD screen which will adjust itself vertically or horizontally when the keypad usage changes.

– It has also got a phonebook, wherein up to four contacts can be saved. This smartphone toy can either play in phone or message mode.

– VTech Smartphone toy is interactive too; your kids can send text messages, and get pre-recorded phone calls, from unique and funny characters. All these activities will improve your kids’ conversation skills.

– The phone volume is not too harsh and can automatically adjust.

Basic Information-

– VTech Slide and Talk Kids Smartphone runs on 3AAA batteries

– VTech smartphone toy ideally suits for the kids, whose age ranges between 2 years to 5 years.

In Summary:

There are many great toy smartphones out there for your baby/toddler to enjoy, and each one presents a great opportunity to teach your baby about tech, have fun, and learn as well!