How To Do Yoga With Your Baby

Do you enjoy doing Yoga? Maybe you enjoy it, but think that you don’t have the time, especially with kids. I’m here to tell you it’s possible to do it with them, even with babies. Bonding with your baby just went to a whole new level. There are numerous ways to conduct Yoga with your baby. Jenny Studenroth gives you nine poses she does with her daughter. If you click here, you will find them. The poses consist of:

  1. Lap Hangs AKA Easy Pose
  2. Legs Up the Mommy Pose ADA Legs Up the Wall
  3. Baby Trees
  4. Kitties & Moo-Moos AKA Cat & Cow
  5. Downward-Facing Doggies (with a Smooch!)
  6. Goddess and Baby Squats
  7. Baby Hand- or Headstands
  8. Baby Over the Bridge
  9. Warrior Mommy and Babe
  10. Naptime AKA Shavasana

Some tips when beginning is to be prepared with your Yoga mat. Lay a receiving blanket or towel down over the mat in case there is spit-up action. Feed your baby right before starting to lessen interruption. Come with the mindset a little bit different than doing Yoga on your own. Your baby may need to eat or be fussy.

Enter Yoga time knowing you may need to pause or stop for a minute. If you keep Yoga as a routine with your baby, he/she will get use to it. Enter Yoga knowing it won’t be completely quiet or calm. However, you will definitely get a workout in. You will tone your whole body, and you baby learns motor skills. As this article says, Yoga for your baby “stimulates the relaxation response in both of you, helping you and your baby all sleep easier and sleep longer. Yoga movements can mimic the soothing rocking motion your baby felt while in the womb.”

Yoga isn’t impossible to do with your baby. There are many fun poses and ways to accommodate your situation. Enjoy taking care of your body and staying fit, mentally, spiritually, and physically!

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