Given the technological world we live in, it’s no surprise that there is screen time dedicated to all age groups alike. Having children in the digital era comes with major benefits that you probably did not have access to growing up. That’s the beauty of technology, isn’t it? It treats every generation differently with access to a different set of gadgets and digital tools.

As for babies, there are many applications that have been dedicated to ensuring their development and stimulating mental growth during their tender years. There have been many arguments about the fact that all screen time is not good, but regulated screen time does help and studies have proven how.

While there is an ongoing debate on the adequate dosage of screen time for babies, let’s explore how these different apps can aid the development process in children at such a young age.

Christopher P. Lucas, MD and director of Early Childhood Service at the NYU Child Study Center, says that a baby’s brain is most vulnerable during the first 5 years of their life, so this is the time when all sorts of digital interactions can impact their mental growth if done right.

Are Baby Apps Really That Useful?

Here’s an overview of why apps can be useful for your baby’s development, cognitive skills, and abilities.

With the help of the many baby apps out there, you can set development milestones for your baby. It’s during these tender years that their brain is most vulnerable, which makes for the best time to promote cognitive skill development. Cognitive development is mostly a natural process, but you can aid this process. Development takes place on a daily basis by the way your baby interacts with their surroundings and the activities that they are introduced to. Hence, while this cognitive development is happening, they will respond to movement, sound and visual cues that you can supplement through apps.

You can choose a few apps as part of their routine activity to ensure your baby can see colors, shapes, and patterns that they can eventually learn and get familiar with. When the baby grows a little older, they can be introduced to apps that can support the development of numeracy skills, logic, problem-solving, memory and other mathematical concepts.

Apps are those tools that you may use to ensure the identification of sounds and practice alphabets and numbers while encouraging social interaction and engagement. All these different routine activities enable brain development through learning. The baby picks up everything that they come across while using these apps, and that’s how they can shape your baby’s cognitive abilities even before they step into an actual classroom setting.

Top 5 Baby Apps You Simply Cannot Miss!

Now that we have established how to adequately monitor screen time, let’s explore the top 5 baby apps that you can introduce to your little one.

#5 I Hear Ewe
During the early stages of the child’s brain development, they need to understand sounds. This app allows the child to touch each animal on the screen and listen to the sound it makes. If they have touched a lion, a roar is what they will hear. This app can be used to teach kids different animal names and what sound each of their favorite animal produces while allowing them to learn about as many as 24 animals and 12 vehicles.

The app lets you choose from four different languages and can be downloaded onto an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad free of cost. This fun game of animal sounds is suitable for babies aged between 1 and 2 years.

#4 LumiKids Park
This application for your baby has been designed to cultivate a learning environment. The game allows the children to explore a virtual park and do fun things such as making a girl swing, which helps strengthen their cognitive abilities. Kids are exposed to colors, shapes, and movement. This baby app is super interactive with exceptional audio-visual effects.

It may be downloaded onto an iPad and all Android devices free of cost. Equip your baby with thinking, reasoning, deduction and memorization skills with the aid of LumiKids Park.

#3 Busy Shapes
This app is self-explanatory and is great for your child’s reasoning skills. It has been designed for children aged 2 or more and is available in 23 different languages. In order to aid understanding, puzzles for fitting in each shape in a defined space are given. After a few tries, the child will get a hang of where each piece fits in the puzzle while learning about different shapes and colors.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, requiring iOS 7.0 or above. It’s easy to use and truly interactive to keep your baby engaged.

#2 Baby’s Musical Hands
This is yet another great musical app designed for your baby, which can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch free of charge. All your baby has to do is touch the brightly colored squares on the screen and play baby melodies. This interactive music app helps the baby get familiar with sounds, rhymes, and jingles. It enables them to learn and identify colors while playing music.

It is the best app that you can use to keep your baby engaged while allowing them to learn new sounds and colors.

#1 Sesame Street Go
With Sesame Street’s favorite characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby in this app, it allows your kids to explore exciting and interactive video clips and games. These videos and games are an engaging way to teach your baby about alphabets, colors, numbers, rhymes, and songs.

With this free app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can save favorite shows for later and access unlimited videos and games. This makes for a fun-filled and interactive educational screen time for your kids.

If you are considering apps for your baby, choose from a few of these and ensure an interactive learning screen time for your little one.