Fun Educational Games for Babies Aged 1-3 & 4+


When you want your child to acquire more knowledge than the average, educational games can be very beneficial. There are games out there for babies and toddlers alike.

Educational Games For Toddlers: provides a way for kids (ages 2-8) to learn reading, math, science, art, and colors. It does cost money to join, but you are able to receive a free 30-day trial. You will have access to the full curriculum once you have joined. There have been some fantastic reviews for this website, and I have personally heard how wonderful it is through word of mouth. Pricing is around $60 a month.

Another fantastic online learning vehicle is This program for kids (3-6) is worth looking up. It is free for the first month and around $8 dollars a month after that. The margin between the two prices is very different, but both have great reviews and offer different things. You are able to do leapfrog offline. Also, it offers math, reading, science, creativity, problem solving, and social-emotional skills. We covered this toy on our homepage reviews.

Educational Games For Babies:

According to this Parenting article, they list several different games to play. Their brains are just opening up to a whole big world. Probably one of the best things you could do is take them on a walk. As you pass things, point them out. Say them over and over to your baby to help them understand. Point out sounds and textures to your baby.

As Lerner. Maria Brown of Washington D.C. says, “You don’t need to buy brain-boosting toys.” She goes on to say that her child would be just fine with some wooden clothespins and an empty tissue box. Your child can learn motor skills without going the fancy route. He/she can put the clothespins in the tissue box and the plastic part keeps them from falling out. If you do buy the toy, show your child how it works and then back off. Let them learn to problem solve and play. Read here how to sponsor a child.

Tunes are wonderful for the brain. Research studies have shown that babies can hear music and rhythms from inside of the womb. They can respond to it. There are even theories out there saying that classical music can make your baby smarter in the future.

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