Best Baby Laptop Toy Reviews of 2021

The term baby laptop is a relatively new one, as not many people consider laptops suitable for babies.

However, as technology grows, and as parents look for an edge for their children, companies have begun to develop baby tech products. In our list below, we at First Baby Laptop have reviewed everything from fun baby laptop toys to ‘’real’’ laptop training computers for kids and growing toddlers.

Glossary (Click to scroll down):

1) Baby Laptop Product Comparison Chart
2) Why Buy a Baby Laptop?
3) Things To Consider When Buying a Baby Laptop
4) In a Hurry? Our 5 Favorite Products In-Depth Review
5) Common Questions & Answers

Baby Laptop Product Comparison Chart

Laptop Age Range Features Type Price Rating
VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop, Blue

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6 months – 3 years
  • 3 modes of play; teaches shapes, objects, feelings and music
  • 9 chunky keyboard keys
  • Light up “screen”
  • Early learning center with 90 sing-along songs, music, sounds and fun phrases
  • Available in blue and pink
Toy laptop with movable mouse $ 4.5
Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 Tablet, Black

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2 years – 5 years
  • Bilingual language options: English & Spanish
  • 2 in 1 laptop and tablet, with keyboard
  • Interactive system helps develop imaginative play, motors skills and hand eye coordination
  • Teaches letters, colors, numbers, and animals
  • 3 game options, with a Discovery and Quiz Mode
Laptop with full keyboard + tablet $$ 3.5
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green

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2 years – 4 years
  • Learning system offers 4 learning modes—ABCs, Messages, Games and Music, as well as 16 unique songs and melodies
  • ‘Message’ mode allows kids to send and receive pretend emails
  • Customizable to help each kid spell their own name
  • Laptop has briefcase-like carry handle
  • Available in green and pink
Toy laptop with stationary mouse $ 4.4
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop, Grey/White

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6 months – 2 years
  • Offers 3 stages of learning for different ages:
    • Explore: pressing buttons makes music
    • Encourage: teaches letters, numbers, and shapes
    • Pretend: send & receive imaginative emails and chats
  • Sing-along songs & phrases reward baby’s actions
  • Large buttons makes it easy for baby to learn quickly
  • Available in blue, white, grey
Baby laptop toy with 9 button keyboard $ 4.3
Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Laptop, Blue

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2 years – 6 years
  • Baby/kids laptop offers 60 games and fun activities for kids, includes: spelling, math, music, geography, and more
  • Built- in games require no additional software purchase
  • Offers adult style standard keyboard with multi- directional mouse/button
  • Wireless and portable
  • Available in blue and pink
Realistic laptop with full screen and mouse $$$ 2.8

Why buy a laptop for babies and children?

In the 1990’s, every family home had a desktop computer. In 2021, however, every family has a laptop. In fact, every household member seems to have a laptop – kids, teens, and parents. (And there is a nice movement to make sure every kid gets a laptop). The need for constant portable connectivity is greater than ever, whether it is for work, fun, or in the case of a toddler – learning. Here are 3 reasons why it makes sense to invest in a laptop for your baby:

1) Educational: a baby laptop toy can also be a great learning experience, as it will teach babies new sounds, words, nouns, images, and sentences. Much like Baby Mozart transformed the way babies learned at home, baby laptops can have the same effect from a learning experience.

2) Interactive: baby laptops are definitely more interactive than the Blue’s Clues or any other made-for-baby TV program that you have put on the TV. Having your baby press buttons on a laptop toy and experiencing new sounds, colors, and words, and even learning the alphabet for the first time will be an incredible asset to their learning growth from the moment they leave their mother’s womb. These are essentially kids pretend laptops which familiarize babies with new tech.

3) Affordable: Unlike standard computers, a baby laptop is extremely cheap! On Amazon you will find that the average baby laptop toy costs about $18. This is because these baby laptops don’t have real operating systems, and rather are sensory boards that are designed to light up, entertain, and teach any baby or child who is playing with it. However, as the age of your baby grows from newborn to 3 years, there are more modern children’s laptops that have a classic mouse, keyboard, and a semblance of an operating system.

Things To Consider When Buying a Baby Laptop

Price: As mentioned above, baby laptop prices are extremely affordable, making it a great gift for your own baby or even a friend’s baby. Average prices for newborn baby laptop toys are below $20, but more advanced kid’s laptops which include a mouse and keyboard will rise to the $50 range – still very affordable.

Age: Obviously, the most suitable, best baby laptop toy for a 3-6 month old will greatly differ from a laptop that one would purchase for a 3 year old. When looking for the best baby laptop to buy, please consider the age of the baby or child, and decide what level of technology you believe is suitable for your baby. Of course, every product description includes recommended ages.

Educational Focus: When perusing various baby laptop toys, you will notice that some of these computers are not really computers but rather laptop toys whose sole purpose is to entertain and educate a baby by hitting buttons. Other laptops actually have word processing and will teach sentences and words. It is important when choosing and trying to find the best baby laptop to decide what you want your baby to learn, and whether you want a real training and learning laptop or rather a baby laptop toy.

In a Hurry? Our 5 Favorite Products In-Depth Review

For those in a hurry with little time to research and find the most ideal, best baby laptop, we will give our quick pick favorite baby/kids laptop choices which will include two primary separate age groups to cover 6 month olds, 3 year olds, and just a tad older than that. (Depending on your definition of ‘baby’ 🙂

Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop

This is truly a baby laptop toy (age 3 months to 2 years), in the sense that while you cannot exactly run a Windows 10 processing server 😉 your baby can absolutely begin to learn and understand the fundamentals of how a computer would hypothetically work. This laptop toy is great for babies of any age (they recommend 6 months, but being that at its core it essentially acts as a big toy with buttons for fun sounds and music, there is no reason why a 3 month old wouldn’t be fascinated by it).

fisher price baby laptop toy
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Check out the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop on Amazon!

Here are few great reasons why we love the Fisher Price baby laptop: 

  • The laptop comes to life when it is opened, which will immediately dazzle and grab your baby’s attention from the outset.
  • It offers a simple baby keyboard style with 9 big buttons, all of which play unique sounds and words when pressed.
  • Though it is just a laptop toy, there is even a mouse available, in the shape of a cat, which your baby will begin to learn and get used to.

Some potential drawbacks:

  • Some reviewers found this laptop toy to be lacking depth, in that after a few hours of play a baby will lose interest. We suppose that this complaint relates more to older babies (above 1.5 years).
  • Some babies might get distracted with the idea of constantly closing the screen – it depends how this relates to other baby toys and how they interact with them.

Review: The Leapfrog Quickstart ‘My First Computer’

Check out the Leapfrog Quickstart My First Computer on Amazon!

leapfrog baby laptop toy
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For starters, this is for ages 3-6. This particular laptop toy is more of a kid’s laptop, as it connects to a proper screen and has a keyboard and mouse. This laptop ensemble is great because it contains similar elements to a real PC, with a keyboard facsimile and even a fun mouse for your kid to use! And best of all it is durable, so your kid can play with it on the floor.

Here are some great aspects to the Leapfrog baby laptop:

  • It will turn your TV into an actually learning computer, and will show your baby/child how to use their brand new keyboard and mouse.
  • The mouse resembles a real one, but it is mini sized to fit your child’s hands, with fun color buttons as well.
  • This laptop comes with 4 really fun learning games which will teach overall phonics, letters, numbers, general basis computer skills, and some fun animals facts!

Potential drawbacks:

  • Some customers experienced technical difficulties with hooking up the keyboard properly to their screens. Make sure to have the right ports on your TV.
  • This laptop requires 4 AA batteries to function – it would be nice if you could just plug in the laptop and call it a day.
  • The mouse takes between 20 and 30 seconds to power up, which will frustrate impatient kids.


Review: VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop, Blue

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Education is one of the most primary aspects that parents aim to provide to their children. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop will definitely help a toddler to understand the basics of a computer and its fundamentals.

For babies and toddlers around six months to 3 years old, this toy is perfect! The VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop will play the role of an entertainer and a teacher. This baby laptop has three modes of play as features:


  1. Shapes
  2. Letters
  3. Words/Songs

There are nine keys on the board that give the look of a real laptop to the baby and the icons shown on the screen are brightened with lights that would teach new concepts of learning to the baby.

This toy baby laptop also has a mouse that is moveable and gives the background sound that will definitely make your baby get excited. Music, sound, fun phrases are played along with the buttons being pressed and have different sections that will mesmerize any toddler.

Here is why you will love this VTech Learning Laptop:

Babies or toddlers have more fun with colorful items, music, laughing sounds, etc. and VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop gives the feelings for any baby about different words, sounds, colors.

A baby is much happier in a happy atmosphere so he or she would play till the energy would drown to low. The baby would just feel happy, relaxed, excited and charming as he or she starts to play with the toy laptop as it makes the atmosphere very lively and ripe for learning. As the babies grow up they will become more tuned in to different combinations of colors for both boys and girls.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Sometimes the baby gets irritated with the music and noise made by the laptop
  • Baby gets tired as she continues to play the same thing when she is grown from a toddler
  • Requires 2 AA batteries

 Check out VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop on Amazon!

Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop, Blue/White

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Every good parent loves to give their kids and babies the best. Here at First Baby Laptop, we sort of believe that this is precisely the very reason as to why the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop was created!

This toy laptop would make any baby fall in love with it as it is designed with brightly colors and also has a friendly, lit up display. This toy has multiple stages as a laptop fit for multiple ages. There are 30+ songs that can be sung along with it and tunes and phrases as additional features. Sing-Along songs & phrases will reward each baby’s actions, which of course keeps the baby tuned in.

Since it has Smart Stages Technology, it is helpful for the parent to play with their kid as per their age changes. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop featured three levels of play:

  • Music
  • Colors
  • Shapes/Numbers

The various stages allows for more interactive engagement as the baby grows up and becomes an older child, thereby making this baby laptop a sound investment for any family. This toy laptop helps to improve in interaction and also offers brand new songs and phrases and sounds that would help acclimate any baby to become more interested in learning.

This toy laptop is easy to carry and use, and also offers a manual setup for Smart Stages Level Changes.

This baby toy laptop has a fun light display along with alphabet and numbers displayed, which would make the baby get educated in a more fun and easier way. The sounds and songs and phrases keep the baby entertained and enthralled without a doubt!

Potential drawbacks:

  • Occasionally the lighting will be off on the display
  • Sometimes a slowdown of a song might occur if the batteries are low

Check out the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop on Amazon!

Review: Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Beginner Laptop for Kids

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When kids get older, the care and attention that is required to give them becomes more time consuming – or less – if they have a laptop for young kids. It is around the kindergarten age that kids require more sensory stimulation. In order to take advantage of this stage in a lighter manner, Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Laptop was introduced.

If you’re looking for a baby laptop, this ain’t it. This is way more advanced! This beginner laptop for kids will feel new and much more exciting for kids aged 5-7, and this beginner laptop is designed especially for that age range, with the ability to keep kids entertained til much older!

This beginner’s laptop for kids contains over 60 challenging games and fun activities for developing kids including spelling, math, music, geography and more. At the initial stage, kids find themselves interested as this toy contains plenty of fun and exciting aspects.

A really awesome feature of this beginner laptop is that the the built in games doesn’t need any extra software to be purchased. This laptop for kids contains a mouse fixed it which has a multi-directional button, and also the True-to-life keyboard is used, which is great because it looks and sounds like a real laptop, but made for kids.

There is a plethora of entertainment options here with tons of music and phrases available to listen to and learn. For any kid just starting out with a laptop, it makes sense to try out this beginner’s laptop computer because it resembles a real one but still maintains the fun and simplicity of a toy.

Another great feature is that it features a wireless and portable model of design so that it can be used in a way which would be comfortable for kids.

Potential drawbacks:

  • A few kids became frustrated with having to spell a word many times if they didn’t get it correct the first time, in order to move on to the next stage
  • A number of users felt that the mouse wasn’t so fluid
  • Some reviews indicate that the battery is weak and won’t last long
  • It requires 4AA batteries

Check out the Discovery Kids Teach ‘n’ Talk Exploration Laptop on Amazon!

VTech Tote and Go Pink Laptop with Web Connect

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Buying a laptop toy for your child nowadays can be tricky. As parents we want our kids learn something along with anything and everything they do. One of the best toys for kids is an educational laptop, which can keep your kid excited as well as teach\ them. The V-Tech Tote and Go laptop might be the best combination of fun, learning, and exploring that you can find in a kid laptop.

You can customize your child’s laptop with their name, age, favorite food and more with the Tote & Go Laptop. This learning laptop features 20 interactive activities with advanced learning levels which help your kids in learning a variety of subjects.

This kid laptop also comes with five letter and word activities which will help your children in learning to spell their names and discover letters and words. With the five basic math games, it will also teach your children to count their age and learn shapes and numbers. Your kids will also be able to identify animal sounds and footprints as well as categorize food into fruits and vegetables with the “explore three animal and food” activities this kid laptops has. With three logic activities through puzzle and logic games will help in strengthen the problem-solving skills for your child.

Additionally, the three music activities will help in exploring sounds of the instruments and also plays 30 popular melodies in rock, country or jazz styles which would keep your kids engaged and excited. This baby and kid laptop also comes with a mouse which will improve your kid’s coordination between hand and eye.


  • Comes in pink color
  • Features 20 interactive activities
  • Five letter and word activities
  • Five basic math games
  • Explore three animal and food activity
  • Three music activities
  • Plays 30 popular melodies in rock, country or jazz styles
  • Detachable mouse
  • 3 logic activities through puzzle and logic games
  • Ideal for kids between 3 to 7 years


  • Mouse might take getting used to – kids must learn to safely use a device with a wire
  • Screen is small

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VTech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop – 2010 Version

View on Amazon

We are big fans of the V-Tech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop – 2010 Version. This product is sure to keep your kids engaged and also help them learn and play at the same time.

With this VTech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop you can program your baby or kid for early learning. Just like with parents this Tote and Go VTech pink baby learning laptop comes with a big style for the pre-schooler learners. The laptop toy is built with a multi-coloured keyboard and also come with a removable mouse. Hence it makes it easy to use for both left and right-handed users.

This baby learning laptop is designed with 30 engaging activities that will instruct your child on language, math, games and music in a very entertainment way. It features an attractive handle which makes this product easy to hold and carry wherever you go. One of the major pulls of this laptop for kids is that it has a large LCD screen which is big enough to relish the funny animations exhibited. Buy this baby learning laptop for your kids and watch them eagerly immerse in the informational activities. This baby laptop is designed for kids between 3-7 years of age, but we wouldn’t be surprised if your 2 year old baby started to play with this laptop toy, as a training laptop.


  • 30 engaging activities
  • Detachable mouse with mouse pad
  • The pink Tote and Go Laptop Plus is for left- or right-handed users
  • LCD screen displays fun animation on the pink Tote and Go Laptop Plus
  • Ideal for kids between 3 to 4 Years and 5 to 7 Years

Common Questions & Answers

When it comes to buying your first baby laptop toy, you want the best, but you probably have a question or 5. We have pulled together the most popular questions and answers we’ve seen from the laptop toy and baby tech community, and answered them below:

What language do baby laptop toys come in?

Many parents have expressed interest in having 2nd language options in their baby laptop toys, such as Spanish and French, but for now all laptop toys seem to have only English.

Can you plug your headphones into a baby laptop?

We have not seen any laptop toys that allow for headphones. This is most likely because headphones would present a physical danger to the baby or toddler, so you’d better hope that the parents don’t mind the sounds and music!

Are there any other physical safety or danger issues regarding baby laptop toys?

The most common physical danger reported by most parents is for the flip laptop toys – when the baby closes the lid, often times they will close it on their other hand, which is still resting on the actual laptop toy. This will cause them to shut the front cover of the laptop toy on their hand. This likely won’t cause real physical hard, and probably provides a learning experience for the baby in that over time they will learn that they need to remove their hands before they shut the laptop toy closed.

Are baby laptop toys considered to be durable?

Yes, across the board, many parents reported that their babies throw their laptop toys around and onto the floor, and none have broken. However, the durability is stronger for the true toys for babies under the age of 3. Once you buy a baby laptop toy for over the age of 3, the laptop goes from toy to junior PC (somewhat) and will likely be more complicated and less durable.

Are baby laptop toys compatible with Windows 10?

LOL! This question has been asked on a number of baby laptop toy product pages and forums, and for those that aren’t sure, the questioner is indeed joking. The only processing system that these baby laptop toys have are sounds and words.

Is there a difference between baby laptops for 1 year olds vs. baby laptops for 2 year olds?

There isn’t really a difference here. Most baby laptop toys are begin for 6 month old babies and alright up until age 2+. The models begin to get somewhat more advanced for kids aged 3, in which laptop toys mature into kids training laptops, most of which include a keyboard or mouse.

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