Baby Learning Tablets: All You Need to Know

Kids definitely love tablets. But why wait til your kid is 6 years old before handing them a tablet? Why not start them while their young in order to familiarize them with tech? A baby tablet toy can be very helpful for learning and speeding up the adaption of technology by babies, toddlers, and kids.

Here are a few baby tablet reviews:

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet

Today, the whole world has become smart with all the smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Why should your child lag behind? Fisher-Price brings you the coolest Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet.

Unique Features:

  • 28 unique “app” buttons, when pressed, will keep your kid busy with different songs, fun sounds, and fun phrases. This toy will introduce your kid to the alphabets, first words, names of different animals, and much more.
  • Smart Stages Technology is the biggest unique feature of Fisher-Price baby tablet. With this technology, your baby will get to learn different things, at different levels.

Three stages for three different age groups-

Level 1 – 12+Months

This level allows your baby to explore the world of sounds, with sing-along songs, fun sounds and phrases and lastly, the first words like Cookie.

Level 2 – 18+ Months

This level is loaded with a few simple games, wherein your kid has to find different letters and objects. Prompts like “find monkey” when different buttons are pressed, are entertaining.

Level 3 – 24+ Months

In this stage, the baby tablet starts to appear like an actual tablet, which will have some really exciting features. This baby tablet ideally encourages your kid’s imitation and imagination abilities.

These three levels of exploring, encouraging, and pretending, will improve your kid’s brain activity, and keeping him/her calm and happy.

The phone lights up when a song or phrase is played.

Basic Information

  • Ideally, suits for the kids whose age ranges between 12 months to 3 years.
  • Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet works on 3AAA batteries.


VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet, Pink

VTech has some really cool toy gadgets, which entertain, as well as, educate the kids, and this VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is not any different.

Unique Features

  • VTech Touch Baby Tablet has the cutest appearance; thanks to its pink color.
  • VTech Toy Tablet is just not a toy, but is educative too, meaning, your kid will get to learn various things from alphabets to numbers.
  • With more than 10 engaging apps, your kid will be entering into this whole new world of imagination.
  • With more than 160 sounds, songs and phrases, you kid will hardly get bored with this baby tablet.
  • This is more of a learning toy; it allows your kid to open, pretend emails, and check weather and time, just like you.
  • With a back and forth swiping option, there are a whole lot of things in this tablet, will educate and entertain your baby.
  • The light-up feature is visually stimulating.

Basic Information

  • Ideally, suits for the kids whose age ranges between 9 months to 3 years.
  • VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet works on 3AAA batteries.

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, is just not a normal toy; it is a full-fledged tablet, with front and rear Cameras, and storage space of 16 GB. This actual baby tablet can have a significant and positive impact on your kid when used in a right way. With this tablet, your kid’s learning is made easy, and playing is made thought-provoking.

Unique Features

  • – Fire Kids Edition Tablet, comes with the protective cases, with which, the tablets will be mostly safe, even in the case of severe drops.
  • – Fire Kids Edition Tablet has an unlimited subscription of around 10000 movies, education apps, kid-friendly books, and lastly, games.
  • – Your kids play time can be optimized by limiting the screen time, so that, they don’t spend their whole day, on the games or other entertainment forums.
  • – Educational goals for your kids can be easily set, which will help them focus more on learning.
  • – For internet access, the Amazon FreeTime web browser feature must be turned on. With this feature on, your kids will have access to 40,000 age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites.

Basic Information

CPU and RAM – Quad-Core 1.3 GHz with 1 GB of RAM

Storage – 8 GB (4.5GB available to user) or 16 GB (11.6 GB available to user)

Fire Kids Edition suits for the kids whose age is 3 years and above.


VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black

VTech Little Apps Tablet is a baby tablet that knows; all knows all cool ways to keep your kid engaged. From its appearance to its functionality, all the features are intriguing that your kid will never want to let go this toy, even for a minute.

Unique Features

  • – VTech Little Apps is loaded with more than 12 learning activities, which are designed based on progressive learning levels.
  • – Color-changing screens, and various sounds, with alphabets button, and keyboard buttons are all sure to make your kid crave for this toy, more and more.
  • – Play-time is good, but if it is combined with some learning sessions, the whole thing, can become more interesting and useful. VTech Little Apps will help your kids with the alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, matching order, and much more.
  • – Progressive learning levels have a lot to offer to your kids, like basic mathematics, counting, etc., for example.
  • – VTech Little Apps is highly durable and as it comes with various energy saving features. When not in use, the baby tablet automatically shuts off and also has a volume control key, which will help you keep the battery consumption, in check.

Basic Information

  • VTech Little Apps Tablet runs on 2AA batteries
  • This baby tablet ideally will suit for the kids whose age is between 2-5 years.


VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet

What makes VTech products, the best is that it beautifully blends with the learning activities with the games. Nothing seems too much. This baby tablet is an eye-candy to the kids, due to its cutest appearance.

Can a baby tablet be a teacher too?? Well, VTech Light-Up can be one.

Unique Features

  • – Learning numbers, shapes, alphabets, counting, and many more things is made a lot easy with VTech baby tablet.
  • – With more than 10 interactive apps, your kid will hardly get bored, with this toy, and will want always play with it.
  • – The swipe and tap, light-up screen is visually stimulating for your kids.
  • – VTech baby tablet has more 160 songs, phrases and fun sounds, which will keep your kid in light mood, and engaged, for long hours.
  • – Cody, an interactive smart cub on VTech Light-up baby tablet, is sure to become your kid’s best friend.
  • – VTech also allows your kids to open pretend emails, take pretend pictures; do weather checks, etc., just like you.

Basic Information

  • – Ideally, suits for the kids whose age ranges between 9 months to 36 months.
  • – VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet works on 3AAA batteries.


Mirari myPad Touch Play Tablet

Planning to keep your kid engaged with the songs or games on your tablet? What if we told you about the baby tablet that is more fun than your actual tablet? Mirari myPad Touch is that fun baby tablet that is a lot more attractive than your tablet. We tell you why…

Unique Features-

  • – Mirari myPad is a visually-appealing baby tablet, with all the colorful touch icons, and light-up for every touch.
  • – Mirari is loaded with more than 50 fun sounds, educational sounds, phrases, and lastly, some splendid songs.
  • – This baby tablet helps in improving your kids’ cognitive learning abilities, the cause and effect relationship, and lastly the hand-eye co-ordination.
  • – With the complete touch screen, now your kid can experience the tablet-feel, without even coming near your tablet.
  • – The phrases loaded in this tablet, are highly age-appropriate and the educational bits are no less. These will keep your kid occupied for long hours, while you can get going with your work.
  • – Mirari baby tablet can be easily slipped into bags and can be taken along, anywhere your kids go.

Basic Information

  • – Mirari myPad Touch Play Tablet runs on 3 AAA batteries
  • – This baby tablet largely suits for the kids whose age ranges between 12 months to 3 years.


VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet

If you are planning for the best gift for your baby, then VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is the first thing that should come to your mind.

Why? It does a lot many things, at much affordable price.

Unique Features-

  • – More than 10 interactive apps, your kid will get to learn about alphabets, numbers, counting, shapes, before even the school.
  • – Huge collection of songs, fun phrases, melodies, etc., will make your kid fall in love with this baby tablet.
  • – The screen lights up whenever, there is a swipe or tap, which is visually stimulating for your kid.
  • – Kids always want to be like the elders, when it comes to gadgets. VTech knows about this and has features, wherein your kid can open pretend emails, check weather and time, just like you do in your tab.
  • – If at all your kid is interested in something more than the songs and apps in this toy tablet, there is Cody, who can become his best friend. Cody is a smart cub, which is very interactive, and will keep your kid engaged.

Basic Information –

  • – VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet runs on 3 AAA batteries.
  • – This baby tablet suits the best, for the kids whose age range between 9 months to 3 years.


LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet 16GB

Here is the tablet that is advanced and age-appropriate for your kid. Ever thought about buying your kid an actual tablet, that will not only entertain but will also educate your kid?? Then, LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet is what you need.

Unique Features-

  • – LeapFrog is a uniquely designed baby tablet that will aid in your kid’s endless learning. LeapFrog is also a very good means to make your kids enter the virtual world. With LeapFrog, your kid will be browsing with a safe browser and will be able to visit the appropriate sites, only.
  • – The “Just For Me” technology of LeapFrog, will allow you to decide on the games that you want your kid to play or learn with.
  • – You can even manage the time, that is spent by your kid on this toy, so that, your kid does not spend his/her whole day, with the games.
  • -Leap Frog Android tablet, is loaded with more than 20 interactive and educative apps that will help your kid improve his/her cognitive learning, memory, thinking abilities, etc.
  • – This baby tablet comes with a protective bumper, which will protect it from accidental drops and bumps that happen every day. It is removable too.

Basic Information –

  • – LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet runs on one rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • – This baby tablet ideally suits for kids whose age ranges between 36 months and 9 years.
  • – Front and Rear Cameras – 2 MP
  • -16GB memory with expandable SD card port
  • – OS based on Android 4.4
  • – Resolution – 1024 X 600


Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7 inch Kids Tablet 2017 Disney Edition

Searching for a perfect Tablet for your kid? Your search is now over. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7 inch Kids Tablet is here. And, it is Disney Edition; the name says it all.

Unique Features –

  • – The baby tablet from Dragon is highly advanced, as it comes with the premium parental control. You will know what your kids will be doing on this tablet, and you can also have a control on what they see or do, on this tablet.
  • – Entertainment is just endless- The pre-installed Kidoz will give your kids, the access to millions of videos clips, paintings, and educational games, with which, they not only play but will also learn. 10 Disney audio e-books, movies like Monster University, Big Hero and Brave, and lastly, 3 Disney educational games are pre-installed.
  • – Display with 178-degree wide-angle view IPS screen, is extremely pleasing and also safe for your kids ‘eyes.
  • – The silicone case that comes with this tablet is one of a kind, as it gives the tablet an elegant look, and also protects it effectively from accidental drops and bumps.
  • – With both front and rear cameras, multitouch HD resolution, Google Android 5.1 and highly affordable prices, most importantly, this baby tablet, is the best choice for any kid who is above 3 years old.

Basic Information-

  • – Resolution- 1024 X 600 HD
  • – RAM – 1 GB
  • – Internal Storage- 8 GB (expandable up to 32 GB)
  • – Google Android 5.1


Infantino Topsy Turvy Lights and Sounds Musical TouchPad

A cute and simple baby tablet is the best gift for any baby, whose age is below 1 year. Infantino Topsy Turvy Lights and Sounds Musical TouchPad is one such example. This toy is cost-effective too.

Unique Features-

  • – Infantino has some really bright colors and makes attractive sounds that are highly stimulating for your kids, and will keep your kid engaged for long hours. This baby tablet is loaded with around 14 songs.
  • – With a broad range of volume control, Infantino baby tablet is safe for your kids’ ears, and is parentally less annoying, unlike other baby tablets.
  • – The touch buttons are highly responsive and can be easily used by small kids, who usually will not have much arm strength.
  • -The light-up effect with every touch is highly attractive for babies.
  • – Infantino has a lot of cute pictures, which will make your baby fall in love with this toy.

Basic Information –

  • – Infantino Topsy Turvy Lights and Sounds Musical TouchPad work on 3 AAA batteries.
  • – This toy tablet ideally suits for the kids who age is 9 months and above.


Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Fun Pad

The name of the baby tablet – “Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Fun Pad” clearly states that this toy, ideally suits for the small babies. This toy tablet is sure to give your baby a bright and great start to the learning world.

What makes this toy ideal for the kids? Here are the special features-

  • – This simple baby tablet will help your baby know the names of different animals, shapes, colors, numbers, and a lot more.
  • – Light up feature with five different colors is highly visually appealing for your kid.
  • – The biggest reason, why Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Fun Pad, is ideal for kids, are the soft touch buttons. These buttons do not demand much arm-strength, so your kids will not need any assistance to enjoy this toy. This tablet fits in the hands of the babies, beautifully, which means, in every way, this baby tablet, is very much user-friendly.
  • – The slider button is pretty cool, which makes funny sounds when slid.
  • – In this toy tablet, volume control is also made pretty easy, with two volume control buttons.

Basic Information-

  • – Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Fun Pad, runs on three lithium metal batteries
  • – This baby tablet suits ideally for the kids, whose age ranges between 9 months and 3 years.


nabi Jr. – 4GB Kids Tablet

nabi Jr. baby tablet is not just a toy tablet, but an actual tablet, with all the kid-friendly features. nabi Jr will be your kid’s excellent companion both during his/her play time and learning hours.

Unique Features-

  • – A unique feature of nabi Jr. is the Wings Learning System. This system will help your kid learn different things, at different stages. Wings System, involves various educative bits like letters, numbers, and much more. In other words, your kid will be mastering most of the skill sets that are necessary for the pre-kindergarten curriculum.
  • – With the real-time reporting tool by Wings, it will easy for you assess your kid’s learning ability to the proficiency, and work on the trouble spots.
  • – Games beautifully blend with learning in nabi Jr, which will improve your kids’ concentration power, memory power, etc., even during their playtime.
  • – It is not just games, and learning; with nabi Jr., your kid can watch various movies, TV shows that have your approval.
  • – With realistic cameras, your kids can take snapshots or make videos, for endless hours.

Basic Information-

  • – RAM Size – 4 GB
  • – Android 4.0 OS
  • – 1 GHz Tegra 3.0 processor.
  • – nabi Jr baby tablet ideally suits for the kids who age is 3 years and above.


Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 Tablet

The tablet that comes with the keyboard, which finally looks like a laptop, is the best gift for your kid, as this is the best way to make your kid forget about your ” electronic toys.”

Unique Features-

  • – Kidz Delight baby tablet, not only introduces your kids to letters and numbers, make them learn different animals name but will help you assess its own abilities, with a number of quizzes.
  • – The games that are loaded onto Kidz Delight, are very much useful for your kids, as these will improve your kid’s motor skills, hand-eye concentration, imagination abilities, etc.
  • – Unlike other baby tablets, Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 is bilingual; i.e., it operates with two languages- English and Spanish. With a little effort, your kid is sure to end up learning a new language too. Now that’s a really big thing, as learning a new language, will eventually aid in brain development.
  • – Kidz Delight toy tablet has got a simple, yet realistic design, which is easy to use and carry.

Basic Information-

  • – Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 Tablet runs on 2 AAA batteries.
  • – This baby tablet ideally suits for the kids whose age is 2 years and above.


nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet 8GB

One name for a fully featured and an actual tablet that is ideal for kids is nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet 8GB. Playing, Learning, Discovering, Growing, and what not, everything is made a lot easy for your kid with nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet 8GB.

Unique Features-

  • – nabi Jr baby tablet, is a whole lot of fun, for your kids with more 30 engaging apps that have instant access. Games are not for mere entertainment on nabi Jr. They help your kids in reading, counting, matching, with first words, and a number of engaging puzzles.
  • – The best part about nabi Jr. is the Wings Learning System. The learning system covers most of the things that are important for your kid’s Kindergarten curriculum. And, this also helps you assess your kid’s weak areas and assist you with the practice recommendations, which will eventually help your kids improve their skill sets.
  • – Parental control is another feature that is notable in nabi Jr. You can control the content, your kids watch, and the screen time usage.
  • – Animated nabi creature will remind your kid about the homework, exercises, bed time, or play time on the right time.
  • – Chore list which is like a to-do list will help your kid get organized with the tasks that need to be done, from their end.
  • – Treasure Box is a home of a good number of kid-safe games, apps, movies, TV shops, and browser.

Basic Information-

  • – nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet runs on one lithium ion battery
  • – Android 4.4 KitKat OS
  • – 800 x 480 resolutions
  • – 8 GB flash memory


VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop, Blue

Gifting your kid with a VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop is for sure the best means to introduce to the world of gadgets. This baby laptop toy has a simple design and is the one with vibrant colors, which will make it eye-catchy for your babies. VTech Baby Laptop is sure to help your kid play, learn, and also grow, at the same time.

Unique Features-

  • – VTech Baby Laptop allows your kid play with three different modes- your baby will know about different shapes, common objects, feelings, and lastly the music. This music is highly engaging and is sure to keep your kid entertained for long hours.
  • – Nine colorful and huge buttons on the keyboard are attractive and give a real-laptop feel to your kid.
  • – The screen lights up every time a button is pressed, which is visually stimulating for your kid.
  • – The songs, fun sounds, and funny phrases that are more than 90 in number are very much entertaining, and your kid will never get tired of these.
  • – It is not just a screen and a keyboard attached to it. This baby laptop comes with a mouse too. This mouse moves in 8 directions and will help your kid with the early learning of its usage. So, now the playtime is not just entertaining, but also enlightening.
  • When the laptop is on, and when the mouse is moved, the screen lights up, and this pattern follows the direction in which the mouse is moved. When the laptop is switched off, the mouse asks your baby to play, with a fun phrase.
  • – This toy is sure to help your kid improve its concentration power memory power, and lastly, some singing skills too.

Basic Information-

  • – VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop runs on 2 AA batteries
  • – This baby laptop toy ideally suits for the kids whose age ranges between 6 months to 36 months.


VTech Lil’ SmartTop

It is now time for your baby to start learning along with the playing. But, what makes learning time as fun as the play time? VTech Lil’ SmartTop is the answer. With the keyboard that looks like actual keyboard, the responsive screen, mouse, and an interesting piano, VTech can become any kid’s favorite, in no time.

Unique features-

  • – Along with more than 20 sing-along songs, your kids can even create even their own music.
  • – This baby laptop toy will help your kids learn letters, phonics, shapes, and entertain them with stories and songs. This toy meets all the essentials of pre-K curriculum which makes this an ideal gift for your kid. And, this is also extremely handy, which means, your kid can learn and play, anytime, anywhere.
  • – Apart from songs, and fun phrases, there will be Cody, the interactive smart cub to entertain your kid. With more than 10 different engaging activities
  • – VTech Lil’SmartTop has got a simple design, and is yet, visually appealing, due to various options, cute small screen, keyboard that has everything, etc.
  • – You can even customize this baby laptop toy of your kids, with their names, personalized e-cards, favorite songs, etc.
  • – One of the best parts about VTech Lil’ SmartTop, is that, it dramatically improves the hand-eye co-ordination in your kids, and promote independent thinking, through various games, and apps.
  • – You can connect to the LLN, where you can download content, and design your kid’s learning pattern, based on his/her grasping abilities. You can download a whole lot of things, from stories, songs, your kid’s name, etc. Once your kid’s name is downloaded, it will start to appear in the greeting message, when the laptop is turned on, on some e-cards, and in a few stories, all this is sure to make your kid love this baby laptop.

Basic Information-

  • – VTech Lil’ SmartTop works on 2 AA Batteries
  • – An USB cable comes with the toy, which will help in easy transfers and LAN connections.
  • – VTech Baby Laptop ideally suits for the kids whose age ranges between 18 months and 24 months.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop


Well now, this is a baby laptop toy that almost looks like a laptop, may it be the shape, the sophisticated colors, etc. Fisher-Price is for you if you are the one, who has thought about using your kid’s playtime, to make him or her, smart. Yes, though Fisher-Price Baby laptop looks pretty simple, it has a got a lot to offer to your kids.


Unique Features-

– Smart Stage Technology is the unique feature of this Baby laptop; this technology allows your kid to learn right things that at right stages. This Smart Stage Technology is designed based on the grasping abilities of kids. This toy is ideal for the kids whose age ranges between, 6 months to 3 years. During this period, the Smart Stage Technology will have various activities for your kids, based on their age.


  1. To be more elaborate, the first stage is for the kids whose age is 6 months and below 12 months. This stage is for the exploring. You kids will learn to use the buttons on the laptop, hear songs on the laptop, and come across various fun phrases.


  1. The second stage is for the kids whose age is between 12 months-18 months. This stage is largely for the encouraging. Your kids will be motivated to learn letters, numbers, and counting, shapes and opposite words.


  1. The third stage is when your kid’s age is 18 months and above and is largely meant for pretending. It is this phase, which Fisher-Price gives an actual laptop-feel for your kid. Receiving pretend emails, sending pretend emails, or respond to pretend phone calls, are few things that kids do at this stage.


– When your kid something appreciable, he/she will be rewarded with songs and fun phrases.


This toy clearly states how a toy, is not merely a toy, but much more than that.


Basic Information –

– – Fisher-Price Baby’s learning Laptop runs on 2 AA batteries

– This baby laptop toy ideally suits for the kids whose age ranges between 6 months to 36 months.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop, Grey/White


Webee World Fun baby Learning Center Hitech Tablet Educational Toys for Children Age 1 to 5. Interactive Game Board w/ 50 Games

Buying a toy for your kids nowadays has become a stressful task. As parents we want our kids learn something along with anything and everything they do. One of the best toys for kids is an educational laptop, which keep your kid excited as well as teaches them. Again, finding the best educational computer for your kid might be a problematic task. It is important to know, what might interest the kids, and a major factor is the price. Not all toys are affordable.

We would be reviewing, VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Pink. This product is sure to keep your kids engaged and also help them learn and play at the same time. With this article you may get to know the most common features this product holds and some you might not be aware of. This might also help you in finalising on the product, if you plan to buy one.

Webee World Fun Learning Center Hitech Tablet Educational Toys for Children Age 1 to 5. Interactive Game Board w/ 50 Games

You kids will be excited with this game board as it has large buttons and animated display. This learning tablet features 50 top creative games which will teach vocabulary, numbers and shapes to you kids and give them a fulfilled experience. This tablet is built and designed with the help of educational specialists and hence it is sure to maximize the learning experience for you kids between the age group of 1 to5 years.

This tablet can be easily be plugged into any computer with just a help of an USB. This learning toy is best choice for gifting purpose as well. This product is sure to give your kids near to limitless learning and playing experience.


  • Big buttons for toddlers & pre-schoolers
  • Made with the help of education specialists to maximize the experience of toddlers and pre-k kids
  • Come with 50 top creative games teaching vocabulary, numbers and shapes
  • This toy is ideal for summer fun or a holiday gift