Arts & Crafts Ideas for 2 Year Old Babies

You may think that crafting options for two year old babies are limited as you can’t just hand them
scissors and paint and let them do their own thing. However, there are many crafting options
available for younger children which are safe and fun. Here are four ideas to keep your toddler
occupied and get creative on the next rainy day!

Finger painting

It seem like an obvious choice, but did you know that brands such as Crayola offer non-toxic,
easy clean paints for this very purpose? You’ll have peace of mind that your child is crafting
away safely if you need to look away for a second. With fall just around the corner, get some
reds, yellows and oranges to get your mini artist in the mood by painting crunchy leaves and
(not too) scary jack-o-lanterns.

A fun, and even less messy, variation of finger painting is finger sponge painting. Kits are
available from many major children’s stores. Simply slide the sponge onto the finger, dip it and
paint! The paint is contained to the sponges so clean up will be minimal and the sponge texture
creates different results to using little fingers.

Making Playdough

Another activity that can be adapted to be totally safe for young ones is making your own
playdough. All you need is flour, water, salt and food coloring. You can also choose whether you
make cooked or no-bake playdough. This provides a two-in-one activity since you can get your
helper to join in while you make the playdough and then they have the bonus of a creative toy to
play with later.


This diverse idea will keep kids entertained for hours.. You can cut out the images yourself or
use the opportunity to get your two year old practicing their cutting skills. Magazines are a great
resource as the pages are thin and can be cut using safety scissors.

Again, this is a great fall activity because you can make nature collages with falling leaves.
You’ll be teaching your child about nature while collecting bits and bobs for the collage. Petals,
flower buds and pine cones can all be pretty additions to a nature collage. Why not make an
animal or nature scene with your little one?

Making a Kazoo

Introducing children to music is such a positive experience. You might have the next Mozart on
your hands so nurture their musical talent early on! Chances are you will have many of the
materials for this activity at home: a cardboard tube, tissue or wax paper, an elastic band and
something to poke holes in the cardboard. It’s easy enough for your little one to do, they just
cover one end of the cardboard tube with the tissue or wax paper and secure it in place with the
rubber band. You may want to supervise them with poking holes into the kazoo or do it yourself
using a sharp object.

Have your little one hum into the other end and they should be able to make a kazoo sound. It’s
an educational activity too as you can poke more or less holes in different kazoos and cover the
holes to get different sounds. What’s even more fun is decorating the kazoo. It can be painted or
embellished with materials that are safe for younger children.

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