Baby Learning Table Information & Reviews

Babies are better learners than you would expect. If you’re reading this page about baby learning tables, you probably want to promote and stimulate the educational growth of your baby. Without further ado:

What is a Baby Learning Table?

A baby learning table, also known as an activity table, or a learning center table for babies, is basically a really fun table where a baby or toddler can play and interact with various toys.

Generally, these toys have an educational angle to them, and are meant to improve a baby’s learning and development, as early baby development is crucial to a baby’s development.

What is the Ideal Age for a Baby Learning Table?

Depending on how mobile or able bodied your baby is, a toddler is ideally 6 to 8 months old before they put their hands on a learning activity table. As for the age in which they can continue to use them, that depends on how long your baby is entertained. But from what we’ve seen, 24 months is usually when babies move on toward different toys and gadgets.

What Does a Baby Learning & Activity Table Have?

All learning and activity tables are built differently, with various modes and toys attached to them. Generally speaking, a baby activity table will have toys attached all over the table, and on the sides of the table too.

They have battery powered and standard toys. The ideal baby learning table allows your baby to stand up, which will help them in physical development.

Learning Tables vs Activity Tables

This has been a topic of discussion in many online baby communities, and the answer is that there is no real difference between these two terms. Learning tables may have more of a learning bent to them as manifest in their educational toys, while activity tables may include more dexterity-related toys that are less educational. But we have seen these two terms used interchangeably in the baby parent community.

Best Baby Learning Tables in 2017- Reviews:

Review: IQ Series Letter Train Activity Table for Toddlers

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Age: 12 months to 4 years

There is nothing more fun than watching a baby play with his toys, especially when it’s all part of one device!

From age 12 months to 4 years old, the IQ Series Letter Train  Activity Table has is specially designed in a way to keep both babies and kids entertained for hours in a stimulating and educational way.

This table has a supporting four legs that would help the baby to stay up in his or her standing stage. Also, if the baby is too small, then the parents can remove the legs so that the kid can play with the upper board while lying on the ground!

The board of the table is designed in such a way that the baby would recognize each toy as well as their features including music, letters, lights, etc.

This baby learning table has various shapes for the baby to play with and familiarize it with different feels, including rectangular and more. The colorful look of the entire table would just get attracted to the baby as the kids get attracted to bright colors. These baby learning tables are useful even for the toddlers who have just started to play with toys as the learning table board contains easy to follow songs and music that will make the baby happy.

Additional Notes:

  • There is a train attached to the board of the table which rotates along with the music that will play when the key is pressed. And the rails used for the train is sounded along with the alphabet and as the train rides the music played would be the rhyme of alphabets.
  • There are chunky keys attached to the board of the table that will sounds as it is pressed by a baby, and will help babies/kids to familiarize themselves with buttons.
  • This baby learning table specifically improves the enthusiasm of babies that will makes them feel more happy and healthy.

Amazon Listing: Q Series Letter Train Activity Table

Review: Best Choice Products Kids Learning Activity

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Age: 2 years – 6 years

Kids can learn a lot while at home, and this product, Best Choice Products Kids Learning Activity Table will both entertain your child but also educate them as well. It is a 6 in 1 table, which offers tons of fun features and options.

This learning table is for children who are two years and above, and can ostensibly stand and walk around ably. The table is supported by four legs and has a board which is colorful and also filled with fun features.

This table is filled with dozens of hands-on games to teach your baby to count, observe, look for answers, and exercise their logical thinking ability. If your child loves games, then there are plenty of baby games to entertain.

  • Another feature of the table is that the baby/kid can learn more facts: this learning table teaches animal names and sounds, discusses plant colors and various words, letters, and numbers.
  • Colorful pictures and sounds are also exhibited on the learning table board.
  • There are numerous methods for learning in this table, so kids will never be bored.
  • This table is packed with music and phrases which will keep the attention of the baby/kid that is playing with it.
  • This learning table could be great for both the home and the office, as it has a bit of everything: color recognition, counting, fine motor skills development and more
  • Best Choice Products Kids Learning activity is a perfect beginner learning toy for a kid that could benefit from extra motor skills and development.

Amazon Listing: Best Choice Products Kids Learning Activity Table

Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musica

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Ages: 6 months to 3 years

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table Activity Center for babies is just what your toddler needs to be exposed to a great combination of fun and education.

This is a table that is characterized by tons of ebullient music: light-up faces with noises which encourage the baby to dance around the table. It is built in such a way that each character has a unique personality to interact with the child, which will make your baby more and more excited.

This table has over 50 songs, tunes, and musical activities, and each corner is filled with various baby learning activities. The table includes four toys in one, i.e., a laptop toy with music and phrases that would help the baby to discover the alphabet, numbers, shapes and more.

There is also a piano that would guide the kid to learn about color and music. Additionally, there is a baby counting phone that will teach the baby about numbers and even has a removable receiver! (No word yet on a baby smartphone addition ;). Finally, it also has a book that can be flipped which introduces the words, sentences, animals, and also concepts of stories.

  • This baby learning table is designed in such a way that the legs easily snap on so toddlers can cruise around and learn.
  • There are tons of songs and activities that are simply waiting to be discovered to help introduce babies to sing-along learning, role play, and stories which require using their imagination.
  • There are lots of colorful keys to press on the learning table, which will build the baby’s fine motor skills and rewards curiosity.
  • The songs and stories offered by the table will also develop language skills by encouraging words and introducing the concept of storytelling to the baby.
  • Since there are different modes of learning in  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table Activity Center, it would help the baby if the right age mode was chosen depending on the age of the baby playing with it.
    Amazon  Listing: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table Activity Center

Review: LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

Ages: 6 months to 3 years

The LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table is an adventure table for kids aged  six months to 36 months with a focus on learning by way of music. This LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table for babies and kids contains more than 100 songs, games, lights, phrases, and also different colors, shapes, etc.

It’s essentially an educational learning table that would help a kid or a toddler to learn with fun elements. Its activities basically keep the baby or toddler entertained, whether they are standing, sitting, or moving around.

The Leapfrog Animal Adventure Learning table for babies as the name itself indicates aims to make the baby/toddler gain knowledge and develop social skills but in a fun and adventurous format. It contains seven activity-packed stations and two learning modes that help the baby gain knowledge and understand things better.

  • This baby activity and learning table has four legs and a top board, and the legs are removable to allow for sitting and standing, and the board contains many fun action items.
  • A mirror is attached to the board which will definitely make the baby a bit excited. There are fun characters and items such as a monkey with a guitar, a book that contains the alphabet along with numbers, a giraffe nearby a nook, 3 colored buttons which pronounce the colors as it gets pressed. Also, a button that would swing right to left which also announces the direction as it goes! Colored lights are setup in this table which makes the baby understand relative to their respective paces.
  • An underrated feature is that there is a button where one can adjust the volume either high or low, which is important as you consider the baby’s mood: pre-bedtime or an afternoon session. A tap drum is in the middle of the table for little learners, which offers various sizes, colors, shapes, and other various effects. These activities can definitely assist a baby with their fine motor development and learning progress as they acclimate to school.
  • For expansion of and customized learning for an advanced baby or kid, parents can connect the online LeapFrog Adventure Learning Table Path.
  • According to the specifications defined, the LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table for babies would be a perfect startup for a baby or a toddler to begin learning with primary steps. This would help the child and give him support to gain knowledge initially, even before they start school.

Amazon Listing: LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

Review: Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Ages: 4 months to 2 years

The Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Activity Learning Center for babies and kids is a Playmat, ExerSaucer and Activity Table, Life of Amazone all in one! This activity table for babies is ideal starting around 4 months and works up until and probably even past 24 months. This baby learning and activity table is built on the concept of the Amazon rain forest.

There are a few modes for this table, depending on the age of your child. It can be used as a baby as young as 4 months, who can sit down and play with it from the floor. There is even a seat attached to the table which helps the child or baby stay stable, along with adjustable legs depending on the age and size of the baby.

There are many different objects and buttons on this Amazon baby activity table that will literally enthrall your baby to play for hours. And of course, if it’s too noisy, there is a music button in which a parent can turn it on or off.

  • There are removable and foldable legs so that you can carry the Learning table while traveling. The objects placed are also removable, so if you want to fully clean the table, or have your kid/baby play elsewhere with a part of the table, then they can do so easily.
  • The seat fixed inside the table is washable, so if any situation requires washing, then it is possible. As the seat is rotatable, baby can go around the table and play with the objects that are fixed to the table, which we believe will undoubtedly help the child grow accordingly and get more and more curious about playing.
  • This learning table is made of plastic material, and has a stunning variety of shape, colors, music, and phrases. It includes four nobs at the bottom which will make the table stand firm, and offers a tremendous amount of safety for your baby to play with it.
  • One drawback is that there is no stroller or walker attached to it, and no tires as the bottom, which means your baby needs to play with this learning table in one place.

Amazon Listing: Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

REVIEW: LeapFrog “Learn and Groove” Musical Table Activity Center

The LeapFrog “Learn and Groove” Musical Table facilitates the first steps of learning to a baby who is at his or her initial stage of growth, from 6 to 36 months of age, by providing simple and captivating activities for the child and creating a lively atmosphere for having a fun and happy time.

The “Learn and Groove” Activity Center is a table-like structure that has four legs and a deck which contains stimulating bits and sounds for a baby to play and learn. The legs of the Musical Table are removable, so if the infant is a toddler, then the table’s upper part can be placed flat where the baby is playing.

This Musical Table contains an array of colorful buttons, each of different shapes, and when each button is pressed it reproduces different sounds, including more than 70 songs and a lot of learning responses, such as names of colors and basic shapes, letters of the alphabet and also numbers.

On the center of the Musical Table there is a book-like structure where the pages can be flipped. Each page contains a different learning subject and according to the chosen page, the buttons will reproduce different sounds when pressed. The music comes from a selection of songs and rhymes about numbers, alphabet letters, colors, etc. which would stimulate the baby to learn fast and to develop in a better way.

It also has all of these wonderful features:

  • Around the table there are different musical instruments such as piano, drum, xylophone, trombone and guitar, which will play their real instrument sounds and also will say the musical notes as they are played.
  • The Musical Table is embedded with lights that will make the baby excited and interested in playing more and also gradually to learn more.
  • The table also asks for repeating the line that was said, which will help the baby to start talking progressively and to understand things efficiently. LeapFrog-Groove-Musical- Activity-Center/dp/B00MRA7PVS/ ref=sr_1_5?s=toys-and-games& ie=UTF8&qid=1500041942&sr=1-5& keywords=baby+learning+table

Review: Fisher-Price “Laugh & Learn” Puppy & Friends Learning Table

The Fisher-Price “Laugh & Learn” Puppy & Friends Learning Table is specially designed for introducing letters, numbers, words, colors, shapes, directions and more to children from 6 months to 3 years of age.

It is a kind of table having four legs and a board filled with colorful objects, which consist of embedded learning toys at its four corners: a Flip Book, a Phone, a Piano and a Laptop. The Learning Table doesn’t occupy too much space and also it encourages the little ones to stand up and cruise all around. It has detachable legs for playing on the floor.

Each of the 4 learning toys lights up and produces more than 60 songs, sounds and learning responses such as numbers, alphabet letters, music and also phrases, increasing the child’s excitement and developing their enthusiasm for playing with them more and more.

The Flip Book has pages to turn, and a variety of cute pictures are there to be discovered. The Piano has four keys in different colors, which produce real instrument sounds. The Phone has a dial pad and a receiver that the kid can take away and speak on it as a real phone.

The Laptop opens and closes to show a pretty illustration of a puppy and a monkey, and also a set of buttons that will play sounds when pressed. It also contains a mouse-like structure that would indicate the direction as it moves.

Some other characteristics of the “Laugh & Learn” Puppy & Friends Learning Table:

  • The Learning Table can be set to reproduce words in either English or Spanish, so bilingual learning is also a built-in feature.
  • There is a music switch for setting the different songs and tunes that will be played by the buttons.
  • The Learning Table needs 3 AA batteries.

Drawbacks of the Laugh and Learn Puppy Learning Table:

The music may be noisy. It’s not possible to control the volume level of the speaker, and as a result it ends up making much noise.

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